Vuoden globaali esteettinen teko -palkinto myönnetty SARN:lle

Vuoden globaali esteettinen teko -palkinnon saaja julkistettiin Suomen Estetiikan Seuran juhlaseminaarin yhteydessä 15.12.2022. Palkinnon saajaksi nimettiin tänä vuonna Swiss Artistic Research Network (SARN).

Global Aesthetic Deed of the Year

The Finnish Society for Aesthetics grants an honorary prize for the Global Aesthetic Deed of the year to a person or an organization that, with their actions, has developed discourse on the questions of art, beauty and aesthetics. In the year 2022 the prize will be granted to the Swiss Artistic Research Network (SARN) in collaboration with Zettel Macht Sachen for their workshop held during the annual meeting of SARN in the Spring of 2022.

The international association Swiss Artistic Research Network SARN in collaboration with Zettel Macht Sachen opened the annual meeting of SARN in the Spring of 2022 with an extraordinary workshop for the participants of the online meeting: Each attendee had the chance to arrange 12 small round shaped objects received in the mail before the meeting into an image of the future board of SARN.

The round objects served as transitory objects to make something like an annual meeting of an association a more tangible event in times of Pandemic. We like to award this aesthetic, radically creative and playful act with the annual Global Aesthetic Act Award of The Finnish Society for Aesthetics.

The prize winner was chosen by artist researcher and university lecturer Denise Ziegler, on behalf of the Finnish Society for Aesthetics.