Vuoden artikkelin palkinto – Simon Høffding, Carlos Vara Sanchez ja Tone Roald – ”Being Moved by Art: A Phenomenological and Pragmatist Dialogue”

Vuodesta 2015 alkaen jaettu palkinto myönnetään vuoden parhaalle estetiikan alan artikkelille. Tämän vuoden palkinto julkistettiin SES:n juhlaseminaarin yhteydessä 15.12.2022.

Article of the Year 2022

Since 2015, the Finnish Society for Aesthetics has awarded a high-quality research article in the field of Aesthetics. In 2022, the award of the Article of the Year is granted to Simon Høffding, Carlos Vara Sánchez, and Tone Roald for their article “Being Moved by Art: A Phenomenological and Pragmatist Dialogue” (Estetika: The European Journal of Aesthetics LIX/XV, no. 2, pp. 85–102). 

The authors explore the experience of “being moved” by an artwork by interpreting phenomenological interviews in the light of Mikel Dufrenne’s phenomenology and John Dewey’s pragmatist aesthetics. The authors uncover a complex intentional process in which an overt perceptual awareness of the artwork forms a dynamic loop with a covert affective awareness of oneself as the subject of the experience. The article is both intriguing in its substance and bold in its synthesis of theoretical and empirical methods.

The awarded article is part of a larger body of recent publications, in which the authors have innovatively explored various facets of aesthetic experience, such as absorption, participation, and passivity. With this award, the Finnish Society for Aesthetics encourages the authors to continue their important work on this fundamental theme of philosophical aesthetics.

The recipient of the award was chosen by Dr. Harri Mäcklin (University of Helsinki) on behalf of the Finnish Society for Aesthetics.